Composting is for Lovers…of Worms!

I’ve posted before about composting, and I have composted for many years (Thanks, Mom! You taught me well.). But recently I had the opportunity to branch out into worm composting.

Tom Mills, of, led a worm composting workshop in my neighborhood (Jefferson Park in East Point, GA) last weekend, and several of us left with worm composting bins, bunches of Red Wigglers, and some excellent instruction in the art of worm composting.

worm bin

The finished composting bin. The holes in the top are screened to allow for ventilation while keeping pests out.

Red Wigglers are the composting worm of choice, but they won’t eat everything. They aren’t fond of citrus, for example, and they won’t eat dairy or meat products. They will eat most other fruits and vegetables, producing some nice compost (worm castings, AKA worm poop) and compost tea. The latter is the concentrated juice produced from worm compost. It may sound a little gross, but compost tea is fantastic fertilizer – so good a gardening friend refers to it as “crack for plants.”


A few things to remember about worm composting:

  • Worms like a moist environment. Not soaking wet, but moist.
  • Worms like darkness.
  • Shredded, moistened newspapers make excellent worm bedding.
  • Worms don’t love direct sunlight, extreme heat, or extreme cold.
  • Worm bins can be kept indoors or outdoors, so they are an option for both home- and apartment-dwellers.
  • Worm bins do not stink, and neither does their compost/compost tea.
  • When you compost organic waste, you free up shrinking landfill space for actual, non-recyclable trash.

A few hundred happy Red Wigglers are snuggled under the newspaper pieces, munching away at cabbage and sweet potato scraps.

Look for my next blog post on Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Composting. Thanks to Tom, I also have a BSF composting bin. It’s a giant science experiment at my house!


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